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Kromhoutkazerne provides you the possibility to work on your overall vitality and offers fun and effective workouts for each and every training level

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Group classes

Our group classes are part of our TogetherFIT programme; offering a wide range of workouts


Our fitness instructors can provide you with a training program to guide you to your desired fitness goal

High Five Connect

Start your journey to a healthier lifestyle and let High Five Connect help you along the way

Online classes

Our online classes are part of our TogetherFIT programme; offering a wide range of workouts

Sports at the Kromhout Barracks is fun and has a super nice accommodation. Several group lessons are even offered!

I always work out during lunch and do the joint core training. Then I have energy again for the rest of the day.

During the circuit training, all muscle groups are covered with challenging exercises. You will soon notice that your condition is improving.

There is always a sports instructor present during the day who you can ask questions, super nice!

Our team

Matthijs Martens

Location Manager. Getting and keeping my customers fit and vital is the best thing there is.

Fitness Coach, Personal Trainer, Group Class Instructor

Small Steps, Big Results

At High Five we understand that every individual has differerent fitness goals. 
No matter what your current fitness level is, our highly dedicated instructors can guide you to your desired goals in the fastest and safest manner with a personal, innovative approach and with powerful motivation.

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